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We are problem solvers for qualified Candidates.

If you ever inquired about getting a business loan online before, you’ve probably ran into obstacles where you needed at least 3 Months of business bank statements with a minimum of $10,000 in revenue each month just to be qualified for a high interest short term cash advance with daily payments. We have solved that problem for start ups and established businesses.

Our qualified clients have used funds for: Real Estate Investing, Options Trading, Stock Trading, Legal Cannabis Companies, Food trucks, Advertising, Buying High ticket courses, Investing in Crypto, Shopify Stores, Amazon Stores, Starting their own business, and more.

You can use these funds for pretty much any reason. The caveat is, you need to have good credit (680 or higher) and verifiable income in the forms of either tax returns, w2s, paystubs, or business bank statements.

The forms of funding include 3-5 year term loans and lines of credit. Relatively low interest rates and monthly payback. Average rates are between 6%-17% percent. Our processors can find up to $250K depending on your individual situation.

When filling out the form, you do not need to Submit your SSN if you don’t want to. We can give you a preapproval based on Correct Name, DOB, and address.

Options For Established Businesses

If you have an established business already (6 Months In Business, $10,000 A Month In Deposits, Business Bank Account) Bad Credit is Ok. We still have options for you. You can apply here at https://rificapital.com/apply or email me or call me at ryan.powell@rificapital.com 844-617-8779 to discuss your scenario


Rifi Capital assists business owners, real estate investors and
consumers with Business Loans, Commercial Capital Loans,
and Personal Debt Consolidation.

We perform this service for you at no out of pocket costs to you.


6339 Charlotte Pike #937
Nashville TN, 37209
United States Of America

EM: application@rificapital.com

PH: 1-844-617-8779

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