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Review of GoldCo – Are they really the best?

Review of GoldCo – Are they really the best?

The company offers many services that investors can take advantage of. There are obvious benefits to buying and selling precious metals, but there are other things that investors should get familiar with.

The firm offers, for example, a market platform.

Goldco testimonials indicate that this is available to investors from the moment they become involved with it, and is very high-quality. But, before investing in Goldco, there are many things people need to be aware of.

This holds true for any precious metals company regardless of the nature of the business. Investing can be a complicated and overwhelming process . This is why it is important to have all the information you need before making a decision.

Goldco is a company based in Woodland Hills in California, was founded in 2006. It offers self directed precious metal IRAs that can be used as an alternative to traditional investments. These IRAs can be funded with silver, palladium or a combination thereof.

Goldco Review- Are they really the bestHere are the pros and cons of investing with Goldco:


  • New customers get 10% off in silver coins

  • No first year fees

  • They aren’t pushy in your face advisors

  • They are very friendly with beginners and extremely knowledgeable.

  • They will ensure that you make the right choice


  • They do not have a custodian or storage option, but they are good friends with reputable businesses
  • The minimum investment required is very high

Investing with Goldco

In the last few years, investing in precious Metals IRAs has been a more popular option. This is due to a number of factors.

One of their most significant features is that they are less volatile than stocks and bonds. This should be a very noticeable advantage.

These tangible investments are attractive options for many.

Goldco provides a broad range of brokerage services within the niche. The company operates in accordance with all Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The firm also buys back precious metals from clients or lets them sell them on the open market after they have started using their distribution methods.

Although the company does not offer storage or custodian services, it works with many other companies that do.

They should be able help most customers find the right storage or custodian facility for them.

The company has been a top-ranked company in its niche for several years. This has been due to a variety of factors.

Goldco Review- Are they really the bestGoldco Reviews and Complaints

Goldco reviews of the company have been positive since its inception. 

This has been mainly focused on its high-quality services and the quality of the products it provides.

Potential customers should be able to receive a high quality service with every interaction.

However, the firm has received very few negative reviews throughout its history. This could be considered a negative thing but it seems that a lot of this was caused by a miscommunication on the client’s part.

These bad reviews should therefore be treated with a pinch of salt.

Each major company has negative reviews. There are always a few “tough cookie” out there who never seem satisfied.

Goldco Services

Goldco offers a wide range of services, which can be used by clients. These are divided into several categories. These services include:

  • Gold IRA
  • Silver IRA
  • 401K Rollover
  • Traditional and Roth IRA Planning
  • Planning for an SEP IRA, and
  • Simple IRA Planning

Customers will have the opportunity to access a wide range of services based on their requirements.

The company doesn’t offer any custodian or storage services. This could be a problem for many. However, they recommend several trustworthy options that could be worth your consideration.

Goldco ReviewGoldco Costs

Goldco does not list the charges it charges because there are so many variables.

Visit GoldCo Online to get exact rates.

Their reps have been very helpful and not pushy which has been very refreshing in this industry. Let’s also be honest, it’s a great indicator of a solid company.

 The minimum recommended investment is $25,000 according to reviews from customers.

Goldco will cover the cost of storage for one year. This will be in the form that like-value silver is shipped to the agreed-upon storage unit. $175 annual fee is also charged.

This should not increase until you reach $100,000 investment, at which point it will rise to $250. This is a fair price compared with industry storage prices and is actually quite a bargain compared to many other companies.

Precious Metals IRA Fees

Minimum Purchase Required: $25,000

Annual Fee: Service Fee $80

Non Segregated Storage: $100 Annually
Segregated Storage: $150 Annually

Are Precious Metals Coinable Or Limited to Bars?

A large number of people might want to use both coins and bars for their IRS. Although there should be many options, the choices are much smaller than you might think. This is because certain coins can only be used for IRAs that have been approved by the IRS.

There are also restrictions on bullions and bars. Although this restriction isn’t as severe as for precious metal coins, it still means that there may be some restrictions you won’t be able take advantage of. These guidelines should be followed before you invest in precious metal IRAs.

These should all be accessible from the IRS website.


How can I choose my own storage company?

Goldco works with a number of storage and custodian companies, but this does not mean you will be limited in your choices. You should be able use any storage company that you wish to. Despite this, the firm has a number of recommendations, including the Self Directed IRA or Equity Institutional custodian companies.

Sterling Trust is recommended for storage. Each of these should be relatively high-quality but it is worth investigating them all before making your final decision.

Can I Keep My Precious Metals At Home?

A large percentage of people want their IRA precious metals to be kept at home. The IRS prohibits this. Anyone with one of these trustees will typically need to use an approved nonbank trustee. They can also use a bank that follows IRS guidelines and limits access to precious metals.

This is to ensure that the precious metals you buy are those you will be able to use in the future. Access to precious metals IRAs must be restricted, just like a traditional IRA. This is mainly to ensure that all disbursement and deposit laws are followed.

Is The Precious Metal’s Valuation Guaranteed?

Precious metals’ value is not guaranteed and can fluctuate significantly. This is something that companies cannot control. The value of precious metals tends not to fluctuate much over time. These types of IRAs should not cause too much concern.

When will I be eligible for my Goldco Gold IRA?

Your Gold IRA should allow you to begin using it from the age of 59 and a quarter. This is because the IRS may allow for changes at any time. However, it should not be. You should have a date when you can make penalty-free distributions to your account.

How long does it take to rollover a traditional IRA into a gold IRA

This is the most common question many people will ask. This will usually take two weeks and is much faster than you might expect. However, it can vary slightly. This is dependent on your specific circumstances so it may be necessary to talk to someone at Goldco in order to get an accurate estimate.

Final Toughs for GoldCo Precious Metals

You’ll want to make sure your retirement plan is in place before you reach your golden years.

It was something I started to think about in my twenties and I wish I had been told sooner.

Goldco Company is one the most notable brands in a confusing, competitive and messy market.

You can see that I am a very detail-oriented guy. This recommendation was a labor of love. I also put my reputation at risk for very few people.

Goldco has more than a decade of experience with IRAs for gold. They have top-notch advisors who will answer all your questions.

Goldco simplifies logistics and paperwork which is refreshing. I was left feeling confused and distrusted by other companies.

They don’t know how many days they will be running this bonus. 10% in silver coins This is quite generous. GoldCo may be the right choice for you. They will guide you through the process as smoothly as possible.

goldco review- gold ira- free kitFrequently Asked Question About GoldCo Review:

Is Goldco a reputable company?

GoldCo is a reputable company, and one of the most respected. The Better Business Bureau rates them as A+ and they are also triple-A by the business consumer association. The best precious metals investment option for you if you are planning to do so is goldco precious metals Ira. You can also convert existing retirement accounts (retirement savings, retirement savings) into a gold-iras portfolio. This is known as the rollover process. Traditional iras, also known as traditional and roth Iras, don’t allow you to add precious metals to your own investments (retirement investments or other investments).

How does Goldco make its money?

Goldco earns money by selling precious metals iras, (precious metals exchange ira), and physical gold and other precious metals. Goldco also offers brokerage services for precious-metals-funded IRAs. They strictly follow irs regulations.

What is IRA approved Gold?

The IRA approved for gold is a non-traditional retirement account that allows you to invest in gold and silver instead of stocks or money. These gold and silver iras (gold or Silver IRAs) are stored in an approved storage facility by the IRS (secure storage facility, vault).

Trevor Gerszt: Who are you?

Trevor Gerszt, the CEO and Founder of Goldco, is Trevor Gerszt. Goldco was founded by Trevor Gerszt to provide additional investment options for Americans planning for retirement. Their ira specialists are among the best on the market, and they strictly adhere to irs regulations. The goldco family, and goldco stand for exceptional customer service and extensive educational resources. For money transfers and brokerage services, the fees charged by goldco are very low. You can check any review of goldco (goldco reviews), and you will see that the team at goldco and the ira specialist have only positive reviews. That’s what I call solid reputation.

How do I contact the goldco precious metals and ira company?

Goldco precious metals can be reached by phone at 21215 Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills California.

What’s GoldCo Direct?

In the past, GoldCo was known by different names. GoldCo Direct was one of the company’s names before it was changed to GoldCo Precious Metals. If you hear of GoldCo Direct, it is likely that the information has not been updated.

Does GoldCo offer ira custodian services?

Goldco doesn’t offer IRA custodian services. They have a great relationship with many third-party ira custodians. Signing up with them will save you the first year fees for third-party ira custodians. You can easily roll your 401k and retirement accounts to goldco.

What type of precious metal services can you get with GoldCo IRAs?

The GoldCo IRA allows you to receive the following precious metal services: gold, silver, palladium, and platinum You can choose to have either a silver or gold ira. Each investor prefers a different type of ira account. You can have everything you want at goldco ira The most sought-after precious metals iras are silver ira, and gold ira. You can expect silver and gold prices to rise in panic situations. You should keep silver coins and ira gold in your retirement savings account. You can sell silver and gold coins if necessary.

What does a Goldco account executive do?

Your account executive will guide you through the entire process. They will assist you in setting up your retirement accounts as quickly as possible. You have the option to choose from palladium, gold, platinum, and silver precious metals ira. You can even mix and match precious metals from ira.

What star rating does goldco precious materials have?

The rating for this precious metals ira is 5 stars on most websites, while it only has a 4.5 star rating on a few. It is nearly impossible to get a 5 star rating. Websites may count the few complaints goldco has, which is why they have a lower star rating. Goldco is a BBB A+ rating, which means that they have zero customer service complaints. All customer reviews are positive.

How great is the customer service at goldco?

Goldco offers top-notch customer service. You can see the customer reviews. You can see a few customer reviews to confirm that they are trustworthy, no matter what program you choose. Goldco’s customer service has earned 5 stars. It is supported by glowing customer reviews. Goldco was awarded a high star rating by both the customer service and account executive. Your goldco gold ira can be set up regardless of whether you have an existing ira or traditional ira. You can also create precious metal iras at goldco, such as silver iras. The silver iras work in the same manner as any other precious metals iras from goldco. You can buy back the same amount. Also, make sure to take the time to learn how gold ira (gold or silver) works. Past performance does not guarantee future success. The buy back at goldco is very generous. If you have any questions about your retirement savings, the customer service team is available to assist you with gold and silver (gold or silver). Goldco offers bullion and gold coins as well as silver and gold coins. Goldco offers many precious metal options, but the goldco goldira is your best bet.

Other than gold and silver, what other iras do you have?

Gold or silver ira are the most common precious metals. There are many precious metals iras, including palladium, platinum and crypto. The rollover process is easy. All paperwork is handled by the company. It takes only a phone call. You will need to provide some information, just like all financial accounts. There are also no contribution limits.

What retirement investment options are available?

You have several options for retirement investments: stocks, bonds and real estate. You can rollover your American IRA or Simple IRA into precious metals to diversify your portfolio. This will allow you to not take on any risk if anything goes wrong. Read all available educational materials before you start. You won’t lose any money if precious metals ira firms follow the irs regulations. In most cases, however, past performance is not a guarantee for future results. The best part is that the whole process is easy.

How much should I convert from my IRA to precious metals ira

It all comes down to your personal circumstances. It’s also a good idea for legal advisors to be consulted. You can also own physical metals, in addition to precious metals held in an IRA. You can invest in bullion, collectible coin and other precious metals. As a bonus, many companies offer a free silver coin. You can add gold to your portfolio or buy gold. As the value increases, so does the money. The coin value can vary depending on which company you are dealing with.

Ron Paul’s: Notable GoldCo Partner 

The company teamed up with Ron Paul to educate investors about the importance of protecting your IRA or 401k accounts in 2017. NewsWire has the story.

The Taxpayer Relief Bill of 1997 allows the company to invest in certain bullion types legally. This has led to a flurry of new companies in this niche.

This has been a net benefit for people who want to invest in precious metals . There are many options.


In closing, Goldco is a superb choice for those who are seeking to gain from the future rise in gold prices. Not only does Goldco provide a decent return on investment through their monthly payments, but they also give investors the option to sell back their share of gold at any time. Their guarantee that 99% of all customer’s shares will be repaid in gold provides a great sense of security as well. This trustworthiness is a trait that no other company offers.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this “Goldco review”.  We will post more information as it comes available to us.  This review was written by Rifi Capital.  We are brokerage that specializes in finding funding for business owners and real estate investors. Although we covered a lot in this review, this article doesn’t even begin to scratch the service of everything you need to know about this terrific opportunity. Feel free to get a more in depth education on this subject.  Get a free gold ira kit by exploring here.—>FREE GOLD IRA KIT