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Goldco Review


This isn’t some gaudy, overly-publicized “review of,” that tries to set up a gold rush on the site before it really happens. This review is about Goldco Precious Metals, which has already established its name in the precious metals industry; and why you should be watching it closely for new developments down the road.  If you’re concerned about the economy and want to invest in gold or silver while we wait for the global financial crisis to make a serious impact, you’ll want to read this review of

One of the things I like to do is find solid companies that aren’t well-known by the general public. Whether it’s because they don’t spend money on marketing or are trying to target a specific niche audience, but regardless, Goldco Precious Metals is one of those companies.  Goldco offers their customers, and is known for having top quality precious metals and alloys that exceed industry standards and is among the most recognized names in the precious metals industry.

goldco reviewSo what exactly is Goldco?

Although the name may seem a little dubious, a lot of people have been asking “What Is Goldco?” and rightfully so. Goldco is a relatively new company that’s been in business since 2006 that has proven to make many retirees a lot of money through a self directed Gold Ira. But how exactly does it work? This Goldco review is going to answer all those questions and more as I go over this fine, upstanding business opportunity. I’m going to share with you some of the benefits of investing with Goldco.

Goldco Precious Metals is a source for gold and silver bullion and rare coins. From gold and silver to rare and collectible coins and everything in between, our comprehensive selection of precious metals is sure to meet the needs of all investors. We also carry competitively-priced gold and silver bullion products, such as bars, pendants, rounds, wafers and more. Goldco Precious Metals provides a variety of marketplace resources such as education pieces, trading tools, podcasts, news releases, action alerts, podcasts show schedules and more.

Goldco has amassed an impressive amount of popularity in a very short time. They’ve managed to do it by being one of the most transparent precious metals dealers in the field today. So is Goldco worth considering when choosing your next gold dealer? I think it definitely is.

While it may still be at the beginning stages of development relatively speaking, I think the concept of a gold-backed IRA is certainly an interesting one. It can serve as a way for investors to diversify their portfolios beyond the risk of paper-based monetary instruments.

goldco review- gold ira- free kitWhat is a gold backed ira?

A gold IRA or precious metals IRA is an Individual Retirement Account in which physical gold or other approved precious metals are held in custody for the benefit of the IRA account owner. It functions the same as a regular IRA, only instead of holding paper assets, it holds physical bullion coins or bars.

Just like other precious metals such as silver and platinum, gold has historically been a safe-haven asset that protects individuals and their portfolios from inflation and market volatility. It’s ironic that while many Americans, especially baby boomers, were taught to hate the very idea of gold while they were growing up, more and more experts and financial planners today say it is a smart way to safeguard one’s wealth.

Many people don’t understand what a gold-backed IRA is. Now, more than ever, as the dollar loses more value and the U.S. government’s credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history, it seems like a prudent idea to invest in something tangible that holds its value over time.

Before you buy precious metals, here are some facts you need to know about investing in gold.

We all know the precious metal, gold, has been a constant good investment for as long as we could remember. Many investors and traders including bank markets and the government wouldn’t be where they are today without it. This is why investing in gold is still a viable option that shouldn’t be overlooked by any investor out there. And if you’re still wondering why or how investing in gold is beneficial to you personally, here are some pros and cons of it:

  • There are two distinct advantages to rolling over a retirement account into a Gold IRA. Physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be purchased with existing retirement funds. More obviously, it allows the account holder to diversify their investment portfolio with a tangible, safe-haven asset.
  • There are, of course, potential drawbacks. The rollover and purchase arrangements for Gold IRAs are a little more complicated and time-consuming to deal with. Investors are also limited in terms of which precious metals are IRA-eligible (based on factors such as purity and provenance) and how the metals must be stored.

You may have taken a look at the price of gold and decided it’s finally time to invest in precious metals. You might even be doing some research on companies that sell gold coins. Goldco is one of those companies you should research.

Rifi Capital Goldco-Review-IRA-Approved-Gold-CoinsThere are several bullion dealers out there, make sure you get the best deal!

What can you expect from this investment option? Well, the website has a variety of videos that explain this in great detail. Essentially, Goldco is a company that buys gold for you, allowing you to store your gold with their companies in Canada, the United Kingdom, or Hong Kong. You can then opt to receive interest payments that are valued at the current spot price of gold, have access to this gold that you’ve stored away at any time, or sell it at any moment. As well, the process of selling your gold back through Goldco is simple and effective. I can’t speak on whether or not this is a worthwhile investment based on my experiences with other companies in this industry but I have heard nothing but good things about this company.

Goldco has decades of experience in the precious metals industry and they should be proud of that. Their customer service is second to none and there are an array of other benefits associated with their service such as discounts and vendor paid fees. Are there other options out there? Sure, but I think you’ll agree that Goldco offers a compelling reason to buy from them. If you decide to do business with them, you should not be disappointed.


In closing, Goldco is a superb choice for those who are seeking to gain from the future rise in gold prices. Not only does Goldco provide a decent return on investment through their monthly payments, but they also give investors the option to sell back their share of gold at any time. Their guarantee that 99% of all customer’s shares will be repaid in gold provides a great sense of security as well. This trustworthiness is a trait that no other company offers.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this “Goldco review”.  We will post more information as it comes available to us.  This review was written by Rifi Capital.  We are brokerage that specializes in finding funding for business owners and real estate investors. Although we covered a lot in this review, this article doesn’t even begin to scratch the service of everything you need to know about this terrific opportunity. Feel free to get a more in depth education on this subject.  Get a free gold ira kit by exploring here.—>FREE GOLD IRA KIT