Requirements and expectations for each service.

Here at Rifi Capital, we pride ourselves on being transparent consultants in the business lending industry. Although most lenders or funders have slightly different underwriting guidelines, we will give you a universal guide to go by when choosing a business funding option.

Requirements And Documents For SBA 7A Loans

Loan Size: $30,000 To $350,000
Loan Description: SBA 7A Loan
Use of Proceeds: Working Capital, Debt Refinance, New Equipment Purchase
Time To Funding: Pre-qualify in 5 Minutes- Funding as fast as 7 days after application is complete.
Loan Terms: 10 Year term with no prepayment penalty
Interest rates: Prime Rate plus 3.75%
Payment: Monthly Payments are debited from checking account.

Basic Eligibility:

Personal Credit Score: Minimum 650 Fico
Time In Business: 2 Years
Cash flow : Sufficient Business and Personal Cash Flow to service all debt payments.

Who Should Apply: The truth is many average businesses wont qualify for an SBA Loan either due to lack of credit score, lack of revenue, or documents not in order.
If you’ve been in business for at least 2 years, generated over $180,000 in gross revenue for the last two years, have 2 years tax returns showing a profit, and a 650 fico score, then this may be the program for you. These loans can fund as fast as 7 days or take a month to close. If you’re looking for a faster process with less documents and requirements, you should consider our other options we have listed on this page.

Documents needed for submission:
2 years Personal And Business Tax Returns.
Balance Sheet
6 Months Bank Statements.
Debt Schedule.

Term Loans and Lines of Credit

Term loans and lines of credit are what most borrowers think of when they search for online funding. Term Loans and Lines of credit offer more flexibility, interest rates are generally lower, and most have monthly payback terms. Getting these types of funding options require a few things. First, it requires a business bank account. Then it requires at minimum around $17,500 a month in business revenue. It also requires around a 650 fico score.

Funding amounts go up to 1 Million but realistically, the amount you qualify is based on your monthly revenue. The amount you qualify for is generally 1 or 1.5 multiplied by the amount of your monthly deposits.

Requirements for submission include a short working capital application and three month bank statements. If approved, funding generally takes between 24 to 48 hours.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances are the easiest of all funding options to get if you have business revenue and decent average daily balances. Minimum Credit score is 500 and you can get yourself funded up to 1million. Many cash advance funders can fund within the same day of the application submission. Usually the requirements to get an offer are $10,000 a month in monthly revenue, 6 months in business and credit score of 500.

This type of funding may not be for everyone. This type of funding is usually short term with lengths of 3 months to 12 months. This type of funding usually requires a daily or weekly payback. Factor rates are relatively higher compared to term loans or lines of credit. But, this is unsecured financing and a chance for those with challenged credit to still get funding.

The best way to use a cash advance is to literally make the money work for you. Invest in things that yield high returns on investments in short amounts of time, and this type of funding can really work for you.

Start Up Funding

We get a lot of inquiries about start up funding. In this section, we will guide you into the best course of action to obtain startup-funding.

Most traditional business or online funders will not fund a start-up because start-ups are considered risky because they haven’t show an ability to generate much revenue yet. But here at Rifi Capital, we have solved that problem. We can get your Start-up funded through a stack of substantial sized personal loans but it will require a few things. First, your credit score has to be at least 680. 700 and up is preferred. Low inquiries, low utilization, three or more aged credit accounts and very few late payments will almost guarantee you an approval. Also $40,000 a year in taxable income is minimum income requirement.

If you meet these requirements, we encourage you to fill out a short form to get an approval. No SSN required. Just correct name, date of birth, and address will get you a decision in a timely manner. Funding amounts are between 25k and 500k. Our partners who can get this done for you do charge a success fee of 12% after funding has successfully been deposited into your account and will send you an invoice. The forms of funding they can get for you include 3-5 year term loans and lines of credit. Low interest rates and monthly payments are the best feature of these start-up loans.

This is also a good option for established businesses with good credit to get higher funding amounts than they could with an online business funder.

Equipment Financing

Do you have some major equipment you need financing for? We can help get you that funding. Here are some of the requirements.
2 Years Time In Business
Transaction size range: $25,000 – $3,000,000
Application only options: up to $300,000 (This includes 3 Business Bank Statements
Credit Requirement: 600+ FICO
Terms up to 72 Months
Rates Starting at 6.9%
Additional collateral considered for FICO below 600

Submit the following
3 Months Bank Statements
Quote for the Equipment

We have a specific application for equipment financing.
Please see below to fill out.

Contact or Call us.

If you’re not sure about what funding option you want or if you have questions about requirements, interest rates, funding amounts, industry restrictions, best forms of financing, or etc, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below. Our number is 844-617-8779. Also, for Commercial Real Estate Inquiries, please give us a call as well to see if we can help.

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